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Don't Be Yuletide Broke: Nicholas Risch

As a parent of two awesome kids, I love the Christmas season.  School performance, trips to Santa Magical Kingdom and many more events are on the books.  Shopping is a priority to provide the Christmas children love. I am not alone. Everyone has similar issues during the busy holiday time.  The struggle to have enough money to get gifts and pay off the January credit cards are real. This added stress many times takes out the joy for the adults.  Reduce the stress on your time.  The modern economy allows for supplemental work on a flexible schedule.  Do your homework find your niche. More and more people tell me each day they want to make more money on their schedule.  With the new Gig economy, that opportunity is not available.  Take a few minutes online to create your own small business LLC and change your life.  You like to drive look at Uber and Lyft.  Like the entertainment industry search the web and you will find many places including RGLLC (  My focus is on the food service industry.  Each day I work with over 130 people who want to control their own destiny.  Chefs that don’t have to work nights.  Waitstaff that don’t have to work for tips.  DMR STL ( ) has moved the control to our workers.  I love not only providing my family the opportunities they want  to explore.  I also enjoy being there with them.  That is why those of us at DMR STL we look at our community. A strong community lead to the success of all. Merry Christmas and happy holiday from my family to yours.

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