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Hindsight is 2020: Keyambra Chandler

"Hindsight is 2020." It’s what people often say when we’ve learned a valuable lesson, we wished we’d known before making a critical decision in life. But what if we changed that? You know…made 2020 ‘The Year of Foresight”.

No, seriously before you click off this blog imagine a life that was lived on purpose! Envision having a goal no matter how large or small crossed off your vision board every thirty days. Whether for your home, job, or that small business you always thought of launching but could never find the time to make into fruition THIS YEAR IS YOUR YEAR!

DMR is challenging you to make January your month of foresight. You see, here at DMR we’re setting higher goals than those we accomplished in 2019. We know we must do this in order to remain the premier food service company in St. Louis. But what’s a great company without a great city surrounding it?

Every day we run into many people looking for par time or full-time work to balance their income while building their small businesses. Many parents even work with us to assist their child through college. Because of narratives like these we’re urging the people of St. Louis to set their vision on DMR in 2020. We have a host of opportunities to assist you with your goal whether short term or long. But if not hey…make that vision board! Set those goals! Then crush them!

May 2020 not only be your year of foresight but the year of achievement.

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